Symptoms of CB

Spotting the Early Symptoms of Colour Vision Deficiency especially in Children

The main symptom of colour blindness is a difficulty in distinguishing colours or in making mistakes when identifying colours. If a child is suspected of being colour blind the main clues to look out for are:-

  • using the wrong colours for an object – e.g.purple,green and red leaves on trees, particularly using dark colours in appropriately.
  • low attention span when colouring in worksheets
  • problems in identifying red or green colour pencils,pen and colours
  • problems in identifying ripe fruits and vegetable
  • pencil with red or green in its composition. (e.g.purple, brown).
  • identification of colour may be made worse by low level light, small areas of colour and colours of the same hue.
  • problems in identifying colour of  food preparing.
  • problems in identifying lights in night.
  • sensitivity to bright lights.
  • reading issues with coloured pages or worksheets produced with colour on colour.
  • children may complain that their eyes or head hurt, if looking at something red on a green background, or vice versa.
Normal vision