Effect on Childrens

  • Colour vision deficiency can have an impact upon your child’s performance and confidence in school or on the sports field.
  • In adults, having Colour Vision Deficiency can affect which careers you can pursue and be a frustrating condition to live with at times.
  • colourblindness can significantly impact quality of life for health, emotions, and especially careers.
  • A child with a severe condition such as deuteranopia may seemingly be able to accurately identify colours which they can’t see (e.g. red) because they have been taught the colour of objects from an early age and will know for example that grass is green and strawberries are red even if they have no concept of their true colours.
  • Being diagnosed can help people to recognise where they might need to ask for assistance to avoid making mistakes or being misunderstood, this is particularly important for children in school.